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<h3>One-Eyed Jack</h3>(Resin, Mixed Media) 26'' x 26'' wall mount<br><br>
<h3>Maleena</h3>(Resin, Mixed Media) 23'' x 30'' x 5''<br><br>
<h3>Passion Flower</h3>(Resin, Mixed Media) 66'' x 36'' x 28''<br><br>
<h3>Couple of White Guys</h3>(Resin on Metal Base) 18''<br><br>
<h3>Flirt</h3>(Terra Cotta, Mixed Media) 82'' x 29'' x 18''<br><br>
<h3>Lovers</h3>(Bronze, Mixed Media) 42'' x 41'' x 34''<br><br>
<h3>Joy</h3>(Bronze, Quartz Crystal) 38'' x 11'' x 7''<br><br>
<h3>Dreaming</h3>(Resin, Copper, Stainless Steel, Wire, Aluminum, Bone) 76'' x 36''<br><br>
<h3>Ascension</h3>(Glass, Terra Cotta, Copper, Steel, Wood) 90'' x 72'' x 22''<br><br>
<h3>Warrior</h3>(Resin, Steel, Copper, Wire, Horn) 36'' x 36''<br><br>
<h3>The Kiss</h3>(Resin, Wire, Metal) 37'' x 13'' x 13''<br><br>
<h3>Happiness is a Warm Gun</h3>(Resin, Wood) 48'' x 18'' x 10''<br><br>
<h3>Wings of Thunder</h3>(Resin, Metal, Wire, Wood) 95'' x 95''<br><br>
<h3>WTF</h3>(Terra Cotta, Metal) 20 1/2'' x 8''<br>(SOLD)
<h3>Metamorphosis</h3>(Wood, Metal, Resin, Wire) 82'' x 65''<br><br>
<h3>Reverence</h3>(Wire, Resin, Glass, Steer Skull, Metal) 94'' x 44''<br><br>
<h3>Siamese Twins</h3>(Resin) 12'' x 5'' x 3''<br><br>
<h3>Samurai Kiss</h3>(Metal, Wire, Resin) 90'' x 34'' x 21''<br><br>
<h3>Great Expectations</h3>(Wood, Wire, Resin, Fossilized Shark Tooth) <br>(SOLD)
<h3>Jesus</h3>(Wood, Wire, Bone, Metal, Resin) 82'' x 31'' x 13''<br><br>
<h3>Gratitude</h3>(Terra Cotta) 19'' x 13'' x 6''<br>(SOLD)
<h3>Oscar</h3>(Resin) 19'' x 11'' x 6''<br><br>
<h3>Jester</h3>(Wood, Wire, Copper, Epoxy Clay) 84'' x 66''<br>(SOLD)
<h3>Siren</h3>(Wood, Wire, Buffalo Jawbone) 66'' x 72'' x 42''<br><br>
<h3>Tiffany, the Angel</h3>(Driftwood, Resin, Wire, Scrap Metal, Shells) 88'' x 48'' x 24''<br>(SOLD)
<h3>Flora</h3>(Driftwood) 81'' x 64'' x 56''<br>(SOLD)
<h3>Tallulah</h3>(Wire, Clay and Plaster) 6'6'' tall<br>(SOLD)
<h3>Prayer</h3>(Resin) 27'' x 18'' x 10''<br><br>
<h3>Flight</h3>(Bronze) 28'' x 63''<br><br>
<h3>Double Happiness</h3>(Resin) 13'' x 18''<br><br>
<h3>Fat Zen</h3>(Bronze) 18.5'' x 13''<br><br>
<h3>Flying Sumo</h3>(Bronze) 21'' x 22''<br>(SOLD)
<h3>Michael</h3>(Terra Cotta) 9'' x 20''<br><br>