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Neither Fish Nor Fowl

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<h3>Blowin Smoke Up Your...</h3>(Resin) 31'' x 12'' x 12''<br><br>
<h3>Benny</h3>(Terra Cotta) 22'' x 13'' x 15''<br>(SOLD)
<h3>Wild Is My Heart</h3>(38'' x 14'' x 14'' <br>
) <br>
<h3>Smooch</h3>(Resin) 20.5'' x 18'' x 23''<br><br>
<h3>Poppy</h3>(Terra Cotta) 28'' x 8'' x 9''<br><br>
<h3>Cookie</h3>(Terra Cotta) 16'' x 20'' x 13.5''<br>(SOLD)
<h3>The Call</h3>(Mixed Media) 8' x 7'<br><br>
<h3>Bosco</h3>(Resin on Acrylic) 23'' x 13'' x 18''<br><br>
<h3>Doggy Style</h3>(Resin on Acrylic Base) 6.5'' x 8.5'' x 5.5''<br><br>
<h3>Ol' Blue Eyes</h3>(Resin) 19'' x 23'' x 12''<br>Text on sculpture reads ''I drag my wretched heart behind me, like a skinny three-legged dog''
<h3>Silver</h3>(Aluminum, Steel) 55'' x 60''<br><br>
<h3>Daydream</h3>(Copper, Bone, Wood, Steel, Aluminum) <br><br>
<h3>Fish</h3>(Wire, Metal Mesh, Clay) 36'' x 41'' x 12''<br>(SOLD)
<h3>Making Cookies</h3>(Resin) 20'' x 20'' x 12''<br><br>
<h3>Sugarfoot</h3>(Driftood, Wire, Metal) 48'' x 32'' x 17''<br><br>
<h3>Wired</h3>(Wire, Metal, Metal Mesh, Glass) 58'' x 37'' x 22''<br><br>
<h3>Horselaugh</h3>(Stainless Steel) 36'' x 24'' x 6''<br><br>
<h3>Pony</h3>(Wire, Wood, Metal) 48'' x 58'' x 12''<br><br>
<h3>Large Wire Mesh Horse</h3>(Metal Mesh) 36'' x 36''<br>(SOLD)
<h3>Smalltalk</h3>(Driftwood, Wire, Metal, Bone, Rubber, Concrete) 67'' x 60'' x 19''<br><br>
<h3>Lazyboy</h3>(Wire, Bone, Metal, Antler, Concrete, Wood) 42'' x 56'' x 20''<br><br>
<h3>Greek Horse Head</h3>(Reclaimed Metal, Wire, Concrete) 28'' x 32''<br><br>
<h3>Catfish</h3>(Metal, Wood, Bone, Wire, Glass) 84'' x 55''<br><br>
<h3>Blue Balls</h3>(Terra Cotta) <br><br>
<h3>Equus</h3>(Terra Cotta, Wire) <br>(SOLD)
<h3>Steer</h3>(Bone, Wire, Stone, Metal) <br>(SOLD)
<h3>Cow</h3>(Raku-glazed Terra Cotta) 10'' x 14'' x 4''<br>(SOLD)
<h3>Old Dog</h3>(Raku-glazed Terra Cotta) 12'' x 9'' x 13''<br>(SOLD)
<h3>The Gift</h3>(available Resin or Bronze) 5'' x 5'' x 4''<br><br>
<h3>Let Sleeping Dogs Lie</h3>(available in Resin or Bronze) 9''<br><br>
<h3>Road Apple</h3>(Wood, Bone, Wire, Stone) 72'' x 45'' x 19''<br><br>
<h3>Sugarpie</h3>(Wood and Wire Mesh) 33'' x 22'' x 19''<br>(SOLD)
<h3>Horse</h3>(Driftwood, Obsidian) 65'' x 40'' x 16''<br>(SOLD)
<h3>You don't know Jack!</h3>(Boar's Head Skull, Wire, Wood) 44'' x 25''<br><br>
<h3>Mesh Horse</h3>(Wire, Wire Mesh) 22'' x 22'' x 7''<br>(SOLD)
<h3>Rabbit</h3>(Terra Cotta) 16'' x 12'' x 6''<br>(SOLD)
<h3>Teddy</h3>(Wire, Plaster, Epoxy) 21 '' x 20 ''<br>(SOLD)
<h3>Heloise & Abelard</h3>(Wire, Plaster, Obsidian, Epoxy) <br>(SOLD)